Sea trout fishing techniques, lures and more

The sea trout happens to be the one of the favorite trout species with most of the anglers. Sea trout thrills and excites anglers who enjoy being tested for their fishing skills. Catching a trout isn't easy. In fact, there are many expert fishermen who have seen times because fishing is an unpredictable activity. Fun-oriented but it is definitely subject to a lot of aspects that fall beyond a angler's control. The weather and the geographical factors are examples of this. These aren't always aligned to bring you the finest experience.

The best kind of seatrout fishing is one where no boat at all is used or needed. Although hours of wading in the cold water without a bite doesn’t really seem appealing to anglers, thanks to the right tackle one can enjoy superb fishing in harsh conditions. It can be freezing early season but there is every chance of a bigger fish so don’t ignore the earlier months. There may be less strikes but the chances are that fish will be bigger than average.

It is important to make the first cast the best. A feeding trout will usually strike the first lure presented if it is cast so that it will float over his private domain. When casting lures, you should varie the retrieving speed. A lure speeding up and slowing down has much more appeal to feeding fish than a steady retrieve of the same lure. Generally, retrieve slower in cold water and faster in warm, but this is by no means set in stone. Just keep trying until you find what works the best.

sea trout lures

The best lures for sea trout fishing are spoon type lures as they resemble sea trout's natural food. The spoons are usually made of metal or plastic. Some anglers even use hand-made wooden lures that are effective in cold or shallow water. For sea trout lures, check out a nice selection of spoons at's on-line store.

Success for seatrout fishing relies on finding the fish. The sea trout likes sea bottoms with stones and sea weed. Water temperature plays a major role. When you go fishing for seatrout in winter ot early spring you should find sunny bays where the temperature is a bit higher, 4-5 degrees or more. Also, check the water murkiness - sea trout prefers clear water. Dont be afraid of lousy weather - under the cover of bad weather and high waves,  big fish come into the shallows.

Sea trout is a highly prized fish to catch and also highly rated as a food fish. Sea trout fishing is a lot of fun and having this heavy fighter on the hook will make you forget the challenging conditions.