Hook-Eze hook tying multitool

Hook-Eze is a little tool that makes tying fishing hooks onto the line safer, easier and faster. Its perfect for anyone who has difficulty tying hooks onto the fishing line. Also great for tying swivels, snaps, flies, speed clips and even a Bimini Twist. You can use it for tying line to line & line to leader, including braids.

Hook's barbs are safely in the case, while a spinning ring makes twisting the line a breeze.

hook eze

Hook-Eze is also ideal for covering the hook when you’re not fishing - it snaps onto the runner of the rod and its ready to store in the car, so you won't prick your upholstery, children, whatever you take fishing with you.

Its durable enough to last a long time and all fittings are made of stainless steel.